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How to design & style your wedding

June 26, 2019


 So you're engaged...




If you're anything like me, you'll have been dreaming about your wedding day ever since you were a little girl and will already have a secret pinterest board named 'one day'. 


The time has come to finally start making decisions, and yet your finding it all a little overwhelming...


Even for me, streamlining the style and vision for our wedding day was incredibly tricky, but I soon realised that so long as it was authentic to myself and my husbands tastes, we couldn't go far wrong...


Here are my top tips for designing your perfect day...


1.  Know who you are


The first step to creating your perfect day is pinning down who you are and what makes you unique. Start off by writing down three words which describe you as a couple. Do you pride yourselves on being the last on the dance floor? Perhaps you love an outdoorsy adventure? 


Next, write down five words that would describe how you want you and your guests to feel on the day. Do you want them to feel relaxed or are you looking to create a more ceremonial atmosphere? 


No matter how insignificant it might seem, all these little details will help you to create a totally unique wedding that is personal to you and tells your story.


For our very own wedding back in August, we had visited the Amalfi Coast a few months before getting engaged and absolutely fell in love with it. We would have loved nothing more than to have tied the knot in Ravello, but the logistics simply weren't a match. We decided that if we weren't to get married in Italy, we could certainly bring some Italian zest into the design of our wedding back home.


We also agreed that we love a light and airy feel, which was one of the main reasons we opted for a summer wedding. We wanted to make sure that our photographs would be light, airy and romantic so this impacted hugely on the colour palette and decor choices. 


2. Start an inspiration board


Pinterest is a great resource and it's totally free. Set up a brand new board (don't forget to make it secret!). You don't need to be specific at this point, just pin things which inspire and speak to you as a couple. The idea is to get an overall idea of how you visualise your big day. Don't just stop at wedding blogs, instagram and magazines are also a fantastic source of inspiration. 


3. Work with your venue in mind


Choosing where to hold your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make in your wedding planning journey as where you say 'I do' can impact hugely on your styling choices. If you have yet to book a venue, make sure to first define your style, to ensure your venue fits in with your vision.


Once you’ve found your venue, you can then start to pin down the visual aspects of your day. If your wedding reception room has yellow patterned curtains, you’re going to want to keep this in mind for when you decide on your colour palette to avoid any clashing of colours!


You should also consider the set up of the room from a practical point of view. Is the wedding reception room long and narrow? If so, rows of trestle tables might not only look better, but be more practical as opposed to round tables


4. Choose your colour palette


Take a look at your inspiration board and consider the colours that are reoccurring. There are no rules when it comes to how many colours to select but it's important to consider how they will look together, particularly on a large scale. I actually encourage brides to use lots of colours as it adds more interest to the overall look and feel. 


A popular way of selecting colour is to use complementary colours. These colours are placed at opposite sides on the colour wheel. Examples could be yellow and blue or black and white. If you're feeling more adventurous, you could try an analogous colour palette which features colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel such as orange, pink and red.


Once you’ve selected your colour palette, make sure you are clear on the exact shade. If you’ve chosen blue, really think about what shade of blue you’re visualising. Is it a royal blue or a dusty blue? The best way to avoid going astray is to keep something which is the exact shade your looking for. If you’ve already chosen your bridesmaid dresses, keep a sample swatch of the fabric on you to refer back to as you go through your styling journey. Failing that, a good old fashioned paint colour card can be just as good.



5. Use your toolbox


Use your toolbox I'm not talking about that dusty old thing in the shed! I'm talking about your styling toolbox! There are a number of tools that can

be used to enhance your wedding from linens, to glassware, flowers and lighting.


Much of the time, your budget will determine how many of these tools you can use to enhance the overall look of your big day. If your venue already provides table and glassware, don't incur unnecessary costs when you could put that money toward making a bigger impact.


Perhaps you love your venue but you think the chairs are ugly? Hiring

new chairs will make a bigger impact to the overall look of the



My biggest pet peeve are tablecloths which don’t fall to the floor. I would always advise to go for floor length cloths as exposed table legs can look less than sightly!


6. Allocate your budget wisely


It's worth considering how long you and your guests will be in a particular part of your chosen venue, and the budget you have

allocated to decorate it. My advice is to invest in the room which your guests will spend the longest in - this is typically where the wedding

breakfast is held. 



7. Consider your time


Many brides opt to DIY certain elements of their day, but do consider not only the quality of the end result, but also your precious time. Wedding planning can be stressful enough without having to fiddle around gluing

bits of lace to 200 jam jars! If you do opt to DIY, get your wedding party involved to help share the load!


8. Don't be afraid to ask for help!


Being a bride-to-be should be a fun and exciting time but at some point or other, we all get overwhelmed!


Try to eliminate as much worry and hassle as you can by asking trusted family and friends for help. If budget allows, hiring a professional stylist like myself is a sure way to ensure everything runs smoothly and looks perfect on the day!


I would love to have a chat to discuss your plans so far!


Leanna Elizabeth Weddings helps brides-to-be looking for an elegant and timeless wedding day to realise their vision and throw a stunning and perfectly executed wedding day. Based in Frome in Somerset, Leanna Elizabeth Weddings offers services to brides-to-be across the whole of the South West. 


Email hello@leannaelizabethweddings.com to get in touch!



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