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My Top 5 Wedding Styling bugbears and how to avoid them!

May 12, 2019



Planning and putting together a wedding is by no means an easy task, so it's no wonder there's always a few elements that are overlooked on the big day. With that said, all that really matters is that two people who love each other tie the knot and have the best day possible.


If you can have that and avoid these top 5 wedding styling bugbears, your certainly on a winning streak...


1. Creased tablecloths

I cannot begin to tell you how much a creased tablecloth upsets me! Stubborn creases from where the tablecloth has been folded are inevitable, but with a little steam from an iron they will easily fall out. I've seen so many beautiful photos of couples exchanging vows with a creased tablecloth in the background and once I've spotted it, its all I see! Don't be afraid to ask your venue for confirmation that all linens will be ironed and presentable for you on the day!



2. Exposed table legs

If your using wooden tables without cloths then this won't be a concern, but if your using fold away trestle tables with metal legs, you'll want to make sure these are covered with a floor length tablecloth. It still surprises me that so many venues provide tablecloths that don't fall to the floor, leaving ugly table legs exposed. Ask your venue to confirm the size of the tables being used and ask for the dimensions of the linens available. The chart below shows the linen sizes necessary in order to ensure they reach the floor, depending on what size table you have to cover. There are some fantastic linen rental companies around which I'm always happy to recommend if you decide to hire in your own. Linens are also a great way to add your own stamp and make a big overall impact on the look of the room. Trying to keep down costs? Why not just switch up the top table linens!



3. Cookie-cutter decor

Your relationship is unique in every way and your wedding day should show this! Use this opportunity to show your guests what you're all about as a couple and let your personalities and unique love story shine through. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail and it'll ensure your day stands out for all of the right reasons. Stuck for inspiration? What was your favourite holiday destination?  What drink do you both like? Are you both obsessed with a film or TV show? Be original - be YOU!



4. Clashing with the venue

I know I say it a lot, but your choice of venue is so important because it will impact hugely on your styling choices. I've seen so many couples say they want a mint green wedding and choose a stately home wedding venue with red patterned curtains and yellow patterned carpets! If you've already fallen in love with a venue and secured your date, use this to guide you with regards to your wedding styling choices. Think about what colours would work well and work from there. Having a marquee wedding? The sky's the limit!




















5. Ugly chairs

I have a 'thing' about chairs. Chairs are so important because there will be one for every guest...hopefully! If your venue primarily holds weddings, they'll usually have appropriate chairs which will look just fine. If your venue hosts lots of different types of functions such as business meetings, you may want to ask what chairs are available. There are countless ways to pretty up the plainest of seating, or you can always hire in your own! Below are some examples of lovely chairs widely available to hire:-



Looking for further guidance or styling inspiration for your big day?


Leanna Elizabeth Weddings helps brides-to-be looking for an elegant and timeless wedding day to realise their vision and throw a stunning and perfectly executed wedding day. Based in Frome in Somerset, Leanna Elizabeth Weddings offers services to brides-to-be across the whole of the South West. 


Email hello@leannaelizabethweddings.com to get in touch!


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